BC CleanUP Spray


BC CleanUP designed for rapid, high level disinfection and cleaning  of medical device surfaces ( handles, shelves, armchairs, mirrors, instrument trays, spittoons, probes forceps, handpieces) and  for all other surgical instruments.


-Ready to use

-Rapid acting

- Aldehyde free

-High alcohol content

-High level disinfection (5min).


BC CleanUP solution contains  ethanol, isopropanol,  dimethyl didecylammonium chloride, non-ionic surfactant, auxiliaries and water.


Recommended dose

BC Clean Up is ready-to-use and does not require dilution.

 Recommended use

 Wipe disinfection: Pour the product out of the dosing bottle onto a clean cloth or directly onto the surface to be treated (approx. 25 ml product/m2). Gently wipe the surface all over with steady movements. Make sure that the surface is completely wetted.

Spray disinfection: Spray the surface to be treated, ensuring in particular that it is completely wetted. Due to the alcohol content, spraying is limited for safety reasons to small areas which cannot be reached by wiping. Spray the surface for a second time and leave the solution to act. Clean the surface/device with a towel before the product evaporates completely to avoid the formation of marks. If they appear, they can be easily removed with a damp cloth (time of action see below).Then clean the surface with a clean single-use cloth. Alternatively, it is possible to spray BC CleanUP on a tissue and wipe it over the surfaces or devices Effective disinfection action will be achieved in 5 minutes.

Range of action

Bactericidal (including tuberculocidal), fungicidal (including Candida Albicans and Aspergilus niger), virucidal (including Hepatits A,B,C, HIV, Poliovirus) and pathogenic fungi.

Precaution for use 

-Operate in well-ventilated areas. Use a mask and protective gloves.

-Do not apply on alcohol-sensitive materials such as artificial leather covers or acrylic glass (Plexiglass). Use  BC CleanUP on delicate surfaces.

- The product should not be used by alcohol-sensitive people.

- Do not apply with other disinfectants, particularly with anionic surfactants.

- Store the container in a cool, dry and in well-ventilated place.

-Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty water and seek medical advice.

Bottle-1000 ml

Applicator pump.